2 Types of Salesmen I Despise, and 1 I Love

Author: Frank Bertalli  /  Category: Tips and Tricks

Over the years there have been all sorts of sales training programs and gurus come and go. Most of their techniques are outdated and ineffective today though I find that there are still plenty of salespeople who still use them and plenty more with no sales skills at all.

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And we’re blogging…

Author: Frank Bertalli  /  Category: Announcements

I’ve been in the Incentive Premiums business for over 18 years now. Over that time I’ve come up with a lot of ideas and had a lot of things suggested to me. Heck, I’ll be honest! I’ve even knocked off a few of my competitor’s ideas too! I know what worked before, what no longer works like that anymore, and what you can expect from these “best practices” of the day you hear about.

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